30 December 2008

A Gravitational Reaffirmation

No broken bones! In a foolish test of the accuracy of Newton's gravitational constant, I discovered that a participatory observer is my no means qualified to make accurate observations. My face, knee and left pointer finger provided poor clues, and all that I can ascertain is:

1) Newton was a pretty clever guy, he used apples instead of himself; and

2) A nine foot fall headfirst onto the asphalt hurts.

A physician friend of mine here, who is connected with the Indian Embassy, was able to arrange for an x-ray (at the cost of 2 rials or $5.00) and then took me to see the premature baby (8 weeks) that he operated on for 6 hours yesterday, reconnecting and/or removing the disjointed parts (11) of it's small intestine. This same doctor may also be able to help us buy booze for our voyage, since as an established ex-pat he can apply for a drinking license! Three times three huzzah!

We launch after several delays tomorrow, which in coincidence with the new year will be a cause for jubilation. Happy New Year, a holiday we can all believe in. (Granted that we share the usage of the Gregorian calendar...)


  1. is that nine huzzahs? unprecedented

  2. sounds as if that was a "zelda-cam" moment! glad you are okay. remember, you are like me in many ways.... be careful!! have a good journey. keep up the blogs. mum

  3. Just realized I don't get e-mails when you update... Am now caught up with the saga and can't wait to hear more.

    To keep you updated:

    I accidentally graduated from college a semester early. More or less.