08 February 2009

I am leaving the Eldemer

The Eldemer suffered a variety of breakdowns and failures on the trip from Salalah to Aden, and combined with the inability of the 6 hp engine to move the boat to windward, I have made the decision to leave the boat. Not that this is a problem, as the boat will not be leaving Aden for quite some time, at least until the SW monsoon starts, and favorable west winds kick in for the return trip to India. The fate of the boat once there is uncertain.

I will help Rad with any work involved in securing the boat for long term storage, then leave. I have been offered a berth on board the Mistral, a monohull owned by one Lo Brust, the organizer of the Vasco de Gama Rally, which will be coming through the area in the next couple weeks. Depending on the timetable for Eldemer work, I will either meet the boat here or return to Salalah to join up with the boat and face the pirates again. Either way, I will be able to continue north through the Red Sea, and end up in Turkey in early May. What happens from there is up in the air.

"And remember, when you come to a fork in the road, take it." - Warren Miller

Oh yeah there will be four total on the boat: Myself, Lo, Lloyd and Yugo, the former two being human and the latter two being canine. Huzzah!

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